Current research projects:
Encoding of sound mixtures in the primary auditory cortex

Feasibility of deep neural networks having units with exponential and power-law adaptation

Modelling neural populations in the primary auditory cortex using deep neural networks

Models of the auditory periphery

Encoding of stimulus history in the primary auditory cortex

Time span of sensory representation in the primary auditory cortex

Past research projects:
Inferring the dynamic models of neural responses

Development of medium spiny neurons (MSN) in the striatum

Molecular biology:
DNA barcoding of small indigenous species of Bangladesh

DNA extraction methods for Bangladeshi fishes

Computational biology:
Drug targets for Enterobactereaceae mediated UTI

Vaccine for Henipa virus

Drug targets in Myplasma hominis genome

Vaccine for Hantaan virus

Bacteriocin production by oral bacteria

Antibiotic sensitivity in MDR Enterobactereaceae