Are we so SPECIAL?

MOST of us like to believe that we are the best living creature on earth. The religions are based on this idea, where human should dominate the whole living world. This kind of thinking has raised some questions about the afterlife and life ever after.

Shouldn’t there be judgment for our activities on earth? This question exists because we think we are special, more special than any other creature. But, if we think otherwise and believe in the event of evolution (there is no logical reason not to believe it), we actually find us in a very close relationship with other organisms - ecosystem. We are just a part of the ecosystem on earth. If we have afterlife, shouldn’t other animal too have an afterlife?

In the center of the evolutionary concepts, proposed by Darwin, lies the theory of natural selection. From the equivalent traits only the best fits are selected. In this respect nature is very cruel and species are selfish to save themselves from this cruel environment. An individual does what is best for the survival. One forms society because of the same reason.

We have got social structure and a civilization which is the reason behind our increased survival power. Despite, our huge capability to control our surroundings, we still are very much dependent on them. Life on earth is impossible if there is no other species. In fact, the whole biosphere is a unified system. Any change to any of its part can disrupt the whole biosphere.

We, the humans, interact with almost all organism and we are spread across the whole earth. As a result, our activities are very important but those are not the only determinants of things on earth. Unfortunately, we forget the reality and fabricate some fairy tells about afterlife called religion and we justify our mischief. If we do anything wrong we will be punished after our death. The religions formed another idea, the FATE, that everything is ordained by the creator. We keep saying the LORD has given the whole land and its resources to us, and we should consume them. This reckless consumption has resulted in the devastation of the living environment and huge pollution on earth.

To stop this, we have to be able to stop pretending that we are different from other species. In fact, we are their relatives. To save the whole family of life every of it’s members needs to be saved. As the most intelligent species, we have the biggest responsibility, and in this point of view, indeed we are special. Although this does not mean we have to have an afterlife and a judgment while other species do not. We can act like the guardian of the family but we are nothing without the family but the family can advance without us. That’s why, if we cause threat to the existence of the family, the family will wipe us out.

It’s high time we cared about these facts and changed our thoughts and insights in the righteous way. Perhaps, this is the only way out from a great devastation.

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