Why am I so Lazy These Days

Why am I so lazy these days?! Whenever I am asked to do anything, the first thing I think is how to skip it. I am always trying to find out a way to escape from responsibilities. It's like I am always tired.

If I get a deadline, I wait until the last date and ultimately find myself in a hurry to do the job. It seems I do not do anything unless I am forced internally or externally.
Very Bad :(
Very Very Bad :(

I am trying to find out the reason behind this problem. Am I in a state of procrastination, like most other university students? To delve deep into the situation I even went to see a doctor. I told him how I feel - I lack interest and find my life to be excitement-less. He asked me what kind of excitement do you need? Indeed, what kind of excitement? I asked myself, but I found no answer.

There were days when my emotions were extreme. I used to laugh in full. I used to be sad the same way. At present, I feel complete lack of those. I want to get out of this state of emptiness. I want to swim in the river of life. I want to come back from work everyday with a tub of joy.

I wish things become the way they were. May be there's nothing wrong. May I am just growing maturity.

I tell myself, poor old man inside the boy, stop talking like this.

I wish things becomes the way they were.
I wish you were the way you were.

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