My field of research is computational neuroscience. I am working on probing the responses of neurons in the primary auditory cortex and the auditory mid brain to study the underlying computations in the processing of natural sound stimuli through the auditory pathway.

The approach I use is in vivo single-unit electrophysiogical recording of multiple auditory neurons simultaneously in anaesthetised ferrets using multielectrodes, combined with computational modelling using artificial neural networks. The sound stimuli I use are isolated natural sounds, such as speech, animal calls, and environmental sounds, as well as sound mixtures of the same sounds. After recording neural responses from animals, I fit various encoding models to investigate the underlying stimulus-response function. I am mainly interested in biologically based modelling, developing models containing parameters that explicitly express biological characteristics of neurons such as membrane time constant, firing rate adaptation, gain adaption and recurrency. Combining the experimental and theoretical methods, I aim to improve our understanding of the computations underlying the neural responses from a mechanistic and functional perspective.

Photo: Me, not doing any science, just trying to figure out the trajectory of a ball.