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My DPhil research is on the auditory system.

During my doctoral study, I investigated responses of auditory cortical neurons in the brain to study computations underlying the processing of natural sound stimuli in the auditory pathway.

Using state-of-the-art NeuroPixel probe electrodes, I recorded the activity of a large number of auditory neurons simultaneously in anaesthetised ferrets in an in vivo setting. The large dataset, thus created, allowed for the computational modelling of the auditory cortex.

The sound stimuli I used were isolated natural sounds, such as speech, animal calls, and environmental sounds, as well as sound mixtures of the same sounds. There are a couple of reasons for using natural sounds - one, they evoke strong response in large number of cortical neurons, two, cortex is optimized to represent the statistics of natural sounds.

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Research questions I am interested in: What makes neurons fire in the auditory cortex and when they fire what do they represent?

I use various signa…

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